Take consistent action

And success will be yours   

Log your wins

Once you start logging you're PS you will realise you are way more capable and talented than you think you are. But if you don't log them you will do what most do and that is focus on what you are doing wrong. 

Describe them

Habits that you follow are just thoughts that shout the loudest in your head, so if you need new habits to achieve something you need to train them to be louder than the bad habits. Describing your PS will help you do that.

Add a picture

We are in the picture posting age where everyone is glued to there smart phone looking pics people in random places. None of this helps much but posting a pic of your small everyday wins will re enforce there importance and make you do them more 

Share with your group

Accountability is perhaps the most important motivating factor in achieving your goals. And as each PS  you take is posted on your feed for your supporters to see you will get that accountability and more.   

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