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Small steps Lead to big changes
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Gemma Campbell
Personal trainer 
When I logged my first PS It was a little weird, but ofter I had logged ten I was addicted and just wanted to keep adding more. I added another 600 to lose my weight and then another 500 to become a personal trainer. I have added almost 1500 PS now and my life gets better with each one. 
I am well aware success takes time but adding PS has cut my wasted time down by half. I am now super aware of how I spend my time and use the warrior traits daily to remind myself what I know I should be doing. I also look forward to the input from my coach on what I log every week. I have logged over 2000PS now 

Success takes the same route 

Every time 

Remember what you want

One of the hardest parts of achieving the life you want is keeping what you want in your mind. But with our quick daily check in you will never forget what you really want and you will be motivated to make it happen.

Log at least 1PS daily 

Small wins add up to big changes and at 1PS we have over 300 easy small wins for you to select from so you can take a positive step towards a better life everyday 

Visualise success

Being able to describe what your success looks like is motivating but being able to actually see videos and images of it is truly inspiring and is easy to to do on your 1PS Vision board  

Overcome everything

Whether its laziness, procrastination, fear or a lack of resources, being let down and even plain back luck. We have broken down almost evert obstacle you could experience all you have to do is select one, do it and log it and you will be a stronger warrior for it. 

Review and improve

Once a week you fill out a few questions based on the PS you have taken our coach will offer some support so you are always improving and moving towards the life you really want.

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