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Overcome anything

We have taken the most common struggles people have and designed instant solutions so you can solve anything that makes you unhappy

Stay excited

Easily create an exciting vision of your Dream life by uploading your favourite images and videos to your own digital vision board

Get more done

No wondering what to do because your diary contains all the reminders you need to make sure you do what you need to live your best life ever

Plan easily

less getting sidetracked and more focus with the easiest planning tool you can imagine

Stay motivated

Feel good when you see your progress in your journal, weekly progress report and success album

Get great support

Create your own support group and have a plentiful amount of inspiration, ideas and encouragement 
Weightloss,personal trainer
Gemma Campbell
Personal trainer 
In the 18 months, I have been using 1PS I have lost 2 stones, found a new love for those around me, trained to become a Personal Trainer, and now have a thriving business that I love. It has changed the way I see everything and my life. I am so grateful.
I run large multi-country corporations and have found using 1PS has improved my planning, productivity, and focus. It is, without doubt, the easiest way to organise your goals and learn to overcome the obstacles in the way of achieving them

We are different

1PS people are a community of everyday people that like to make small changes daily to move towards their goals. They are doers not observers, and they take pride from encouraging and supporting each other with online messages

How it started

I lived pay-check to pay-check, in a dingy flat, and had zero confidence

In frustration, I went to Google, and was welcomed by quick-fix promises and courses that I tried but that never helped me change my life. 

14 days to change your life? 
28 days to find a loving partner? 
90 days to make a million? 

I asked myself, "why can't I have more"

I tried everything 

1. listening to podcasts,
2. Youtube videos,
3. Books
4. Courses
5. Seminars 

Hands up image
I was sinking nothing seamed to be working 

That's when I had a breakthrough. A friend asked me if I knew how much time I was putting into taking real action that would change my life. 

Eureka ! I knew the problem. I was learning theory but not doing enough of what was really needed. So I grabbed a note book and started recording everything I did 

My life changed beyond my wildest dreams. Within 3 years I had built a national company employing 500 people, was living in an amazing 5 bed home, and I was in a loving relationship.

From there I went on to coach to many to mention, built many other companies, bought a sailboat and sailed 12,000 miles exploring the beauty of the world. 

To succeed in anything you have to hold yourself accountable so you put in enough time doing the right things.

Learning that changed my life and gave birth to 1PS 

1PS is an interactive manual for getting the most out of life.

It will motivate and teach you how to do what is needed to achieve the life you want, whether it is to get a first class degree, buy your first home or make your first 10 million. 

It is the same process I used to change my life, the life of the hundreds I worked with, and it can change your life as well.  

What do 1PS people do

They get excited 

They check in daily to their wishes and wants and remind themselves of the amazing future they are going to create

They stay connected

They browse their support messages and friends achievements on their feed, and build ever stronger support groups

They take control 

They journal all the positive steps they take and put enough time into building the amazing life they want

Our mission

To lead a happy, successful, stress free life, you have to do certain things. However access to those things is often hidden inside expensive education or even more expensive courses, and that means it is out of reach for many

Our mission is to change that.

 We feel that that everyone should have access to what it takes to lead a great life and not just those with lots of money. So we have designed a website that does just that and right now it is 100% free

 That means no matter what you are going through, your background, education of financial position, we can help you create the wonderful life you really deserve.

Just a few of the hundreds of goals you could achieve

 Lose weight
 Make some money
Find romance
 Be more confident
Travel the world
Start a business
Be the best you
Get fitter
Learn something
Get more control
Write a book
 Become a star
Reduce your debt
Play an instrument
Buy a new home
 Move abroad

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