Make 2022 Your Year

1PS is the easiest way to stay on track to your goals

Dream big

Our DCI process ( Dream check in ) is fast and allows you to define what you really want and stay focused on it until you succeed

Stay excited

Create a vision board by uploading images and videos that will show your dream life and get a badge each day you visualise

Keep organised

Your diary contains all the reminders you need to succeed including your must do habits and your next stepping stone on your plan 

Plan to win

All goals need a plan and our planning tools is easy to use but powerful at getting you to achieve your success.

Track progress

We keep a track of all the steps you journal each week so you can see at a glance how close to success you are

Get support

 Each time you post a step towards your success your group will be able to send you encouragement 
Weightloss,personal trainer
Gemma Campbell
Personal trainer 
In the 18 months, I have been using 1PS I have lost 2 stones, found a new love for those around me, trained to become a Personal Trainer, and now have a thriving business that I love. It has changed the way I see everything and my life. I am so grateful.
I run large multi-country corporations and have found using 1PS has improved my planning, productivity, and focus. It is, without doubt, the easiest way to organise your goals and learn to overcome the obstacles in the way of achieving them

We will keep you


Being able to see everything you are going to achieve will keep you working on it until you succeed. And is easy to to do on your 1PS Vision board  


Our Dream check-in ( DCI ) process will ensure you keep what you want alive in your mind and you  focused on achieving it


You will be part of a community that post their wins daily and will expect you to do the same. So you will have the encouragement and accountability to keep taking action

Defeating everything

laziness, procrastination, fear or a lack of resources, being let down and even plain back luck. We have instant solutions you can access 24/7 so you can defeat anything 


Once a week a coach will offer you some support based on your achievements so you are always improving and moving towards the life you really want.

How it started

I lived pay-check to pay-check, in a dingy flat, and had zero confidence

In frustration, I went to Google, and was welcomed by quick-fix promises and courses that I tried but that never helped me change my life. 

14 days to change your life? 
28 days to find a loving partner? 
90 days to make a million? 

I asked myself, "why can't I have more"

I tried everything 

1. listening to podcasts,
2. Youtube videos,
3. Books
4. Courses
5. Seminars 

Hands up image
I was sinking nothing seamed to be working 

That's when I had a breakthrough. A friend asked me if I knew how much time I was putting into taking real action that would change my life. 

Eureka ! I knew the problem. I was learning theory but not doing enough of what was really needed. So I grabbed a note book and started recording everything I did 

My life changed beyond my wildest dreams. Within 3 years I had built a national company employing 500 people, was living in an amazing 5 bed home, and I was in a loving relationship.

From there I went on to coach to many to mention, built many other companies, bought a sailboat and sailed 12,000 miles exploring the beauty of the world. 

To succeed in anything you have to hold yourself accountable so you put in enough time doing the right things.

Learning that changed my life and gave birth to 1PS 

1PS is an interactive manual for getting the most out of life.

It will motivate and teach you how to do what is needed to achieve the life you want, whether it is to get a first class degree, buy your first home or make your first 10 million. 

It is the same process I used to change my life, the life of the hundreds I worked with, and it can change your life as well.  

We will help you

Decide what you want 

Whether you have a goal already of are still trying to decide what to do, our unique daily check in will help you find and define what you really want 

Take consistent action

To achieve what you want you have to take constant action and once you master the habit of journaling at 1PS you will do just that and be moving towards success in no time

Get real support 

Being around others that are taking daily action and encouraging each other will give you all the support you need to achieve the life you want

You will learn

To overcome everything

Learn how to over come procrastination, fear, being overwhelmed, lack of time or resources, and anything else that stands in the way of your amazing future.

To never give up 

You can achieve almost anything if you put in enough time doing the right things and our coaches will track your progress and give you feedback to ensure you do just that 

To stay motivated

Create your own digital vision board of your success with inspiring images and videos that you can view anytime on your digital device to keep you motivated 24/7

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