About us

Over 10,000 PS  

Who we are 

 I grew up in hospital and Eric grew up in the worse part of Malaysia. I am the creative one that takes forever to walk anyplace as I admire  flowers, architecture, and ants. And Eric is the practical one that asks me sooooo many boring questions but is brilliant.I am a 56 year old serial entrepreneur and coach and Eric a 29 years old web developer.

How we got here 

Not having much in the way of health, education or family I managing to do well In life and wanted to try and make it easier for those like me starting out. So 5 years ago I started this project and Eric joined me. 10,000 PS later, lots of failed attempts, lots of money wasted, tears shed and here we are. I hope it helps you.That is all we want

Where are we headed 

1 million people chasing the life's they want so badly and deserve. People that don't think they can do it but can do it. If I could achieve that I would not care if I died penniless, I would be happy. So fingers crossed but we better un cross them fast, and get busy logging the positive needed to get it done  

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